品牌: 上海弘韵 功率: 27KW
材质: 内箱材质:SUS304不锈钢δ=1.2M 温度范围: 常温+10~150℃(可调)
型号: HOC-GWX450A 规格: 2070(*2)×1100×1770mm
商标: 弘韵 产量: 1000


一、    【概述】
. Overview
The high temperature oven is intended to dry various articles containing no explosive gases. The workshop is made from corrosion resistant plate, the shell is made from cold-rolled iron plate and the surface undergoes electrostatic spraying, the controller uses Japanese Fuji digital display temperature controller and has the advantages of good temperature uniformity and high temperature control accuracy. 
二、    【技术指标】
. Technical Indexes
²  温度范围:常温 +10150
²  Temperature range: room temperature +10150
²  控制精度: 1.0
²  Temperature control accuracy: 1.0
²  分布均匀性: ≤±2%
²  Distribution uniformity: ≤±2%
²  工作室尺寸:2070*2×1100×1770mm(W×D×H)
²  Inside dimensions: 2070*2×1100×1770mm(W×D×H)
²  环境温度: -540
²  Environment temperature: -540
²  升温时间:RT-150  50min(空载情况下)
²  Temperature rise time: RT-150  50min (no-load)
²  电源电压: AC380V50Hz27kW
²  Supply voltage: AC380V, 50Hz, 27kW
三、    【安装及使用】. Installation and Use
²  将电源线接入所需电源内,并使箱体可靠接地。
²  Connect the power line to power source and connect the cabinet to the ground reliably.
²  按电源开按钮,观察电器箱内电动机转向是否与箭头方向一致,不一致则改变进线相位。
²  Turn on the power and observe whether the motor in the electrical cabinet rotates in direction indicated by the arrow; if not, change the phase position of incoming line.
²  按电源开按钮,此时仪表有显示,5秒钟后,按仪表调节设定温度,仪表设定完成,试验箱开始升温。
²  Turn on the power for instrument display; after 5s, press or to adjust and set the temperature; then the temperature of the test chamber starts to rise.
²  当试验箱箱内温度超过超温设定温度时,会自动切断加热器电源,超温灯亮。²  When the temperature in the test chamber exceeds the set temperature, power of the heater will be cut off automatically and the overtemperature indicator will light up. 
²  当温度下落时会自动再合上加热器电源,若几次反复出现该情况,应检查固态继电器等电器元件是否损坏。
²  Power of the heater will be switched on automatically when the temperature falls; if this happens repeatedly, check whether the solid-state relay and other electrical apparatus elements are damaged.
²  关机时按电源按钮。
²  Press “Off” to shut down. 

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